Hi friend, I'm Jazmín!

"I am the graphic designer behind Cute Muse, an online studio. I am passionate about colors, shapes, patterns and I have a genuine love for all things paper. All my creations are beautifully designed to evoke romance, with a timeless elegance and a modern twist. My professional design skills are complemented by a slight obsession with receiving mail."




I am a tropical girl! I am from the land of sloths, exotic birds and monkeys. You see, I was born and raised in Costa Rica (imagine relaxing music here), by the way... Pura Vida! (Costa Rica’s slogan and greeting that means "pure life"). I used to work as a graphic designer in Costa Rica and 7 years ago, I moved to California to marry my husband Jeremy (very blessed to have him). I decided to design our wedding invitations since I always have had a love for stationery. That gave me the idea of having an online studio and being my own boss. After marrying my husband I also became a cat mom to Charlie, the cutest and fluffiest tabby cat in the world. Our life in the US has been a full adventure so far. We have already moved from the west coast to the east coast and back again, with the cat in our back seat, he’s definitely a cat traveler.


The reason why I do what I do is because...

I love designing, I am so passionate about everything related to design. I love expressing the ideas that are in my head through color, shapes and textures. Each design I create is as unique as it is thoughtful. I do not limit my creations to stationery or wedding invitations. I hope to design home décor items very soon as well. Above all, I fill each of the projects that pass through my mind and hands with care and affection.

I totally believe that....

An Invitation can be love at first sight and an heirloom for the rest of your life! My love for design is expressed by putting a lot of attention and aesthetic touches on all my creations. I also believe that the best moments in life should make you blush, and… that is possible with unique designs. A great color combination can set you in the right mood. I believe in never getting tired of expressing unexpected details that can become an heirloom.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do
— Rumi



Music I listen to while I work?

I love listening to Jazz and Bossa Nova.


What are my favorite colors?

Hard to guess, right? Turquoise, light blue, anything blue related.

What takes my money?

Amazon, of course! I buy on other websites but Amazon wins.

What kind of places do I prefer?

Anything nature related. Mountains or beaches. I don't like cities... at all.

What am I currently loving?

All things tropical, especially pineapples.

Moments that I treasure?

I love chilling on the couch with my husband and the cat every night.

Something very simple that I love?

Balloons! Bring them all. They can make my day, you can't imagine how much.

What's my favorite bloom?

I love all flowers. I can't live without them but I am currently enjoying light pink or white carnations.


How I got here?

Since I was a child, you could find me crafting in my room. I think that’s why, I always have been crazy about colors (mostly aqua-blue) and all things paper. I always wanted to design stationery and to make everything look cohesive.
After I designed my own wedding invitations, I created Cute Muse, an online design studio that offers beautiful printed paper goods on high quality paper, specializing in wedding invitations.  Naturally, I wanted to be my own boss so I started with my Etsy shop in 2013. Currently, my business continues to evolve and you can find my designs at Zazzle, Minted and Etsy. Soon my Etsy shop will be close as I focus other online markets.

What Cute Muse does for you is...

To bring a blend of sweet, romantic and whimsical yet modern stationery designs for weddings. I also am proud to offer beautiful, personalized stationery for special events. I design all the products as if they were for me, so I put a lot of attention to each detail. I design with full dedication and 100% originality (you won’t find these designs anywhere else).

I chose the name Cute Muse because... 

In 2003, I met my husband in Jacó Beach, Costa Rica. He told me then and continuous to tell me now that I am so cute. Back then, I didn’t know the meaning of that word. So long story short, I decided to use the word “Cute” in my business’s name, and "Muse" for the inspiration required to create unique designs.